Grimm & Grimmer: Volume 4

"You're scared? I've got to walk back alone."
Horrific joke acknowledgement to Paul Lawston...
Way back in the Autumn of 2012, Fringeworks put out a call for reimagined fairy tales. Now, I've always wanted to write science-fiction, but frankly my science isn't up to it. So the fairy tale format was perfect for me to indulge my imagination, without having to worry too much (or indeed at all) about whether my physics and maths were on the money.

The Frag Prince is probably the best story I've written to date. Based on a Grimm fairy tale (go on, guess which one...), it tells of a hasty bargain that has calamitous consequences.

Grimm & Grimmer 4 has been a ridiculous amount of time coming (it was originally scheduled for publication in August 2013), but it is available now from Amazon.

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