Sanity Clause is Coming

Heart-warming fun...
I submitted my story to the first Fringeworks anthology, Ain't No Sanity Clause, back in 2012. They were calling for Christmas-themed stories featuring serial killers and psychopaths.

Well, I struggled.

In the end, I hit on the idea of low-rent Phantom of the Opera murderous shenanigans at an amateur dramatics panto dress rehearsal. It was called Full Pastry Jacket for reasons about which I'm very vague, and round about the time I had a pantomime cow defuse a bomb, I realised I wasn't taking the brief particularly seriously.

The publishers obviously agreed, and my story was duly rejected. Only to be picked up again for the second volume of tales, Sanity Clause is Coming. I hastily retitled my story Pantocrime. This was finally published in November 2014.

Sanity Clause is Coming is still available in both paperback and kindle formats, from Amazon.

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