Something Nicer

Still not actually very nice.
What happens when ET doesn't phone home, but stays for 30 years? When the evil clown under a child's bed carries on lurking in the shadows through sixth form? When a cat decides catching mice is over-rated, and fixes her ambitions on becoming an art critic? Or when the Internet becomes sentient, and googles the best way to overthrow humanity? 

With a cast of ghost zombies, senile witches and cloned Santas, this second volume of short stories from Andrew K Lawston develops the author's unique way of looking at the world, and ensures you'll never look at a stepladder in the same way.

Almost three years after Something Nice, I had a second short story collection ready to meet the public in February 2015. Again, there are reprints and competition winners, but also a much wider variation in story lengths. While the stories in my first collection were pretty much all in the 3,000 word range - betraying their origins as magazine submissions - here you have everything from drabbles to 8,500 word tales. It also has another great cover from Lawston Design.

Something Nicer was my biggest launch to date, and contains some of the short stories of which I'm most proud, particularly The Social Climber, and Someone Who'll Watch Under Me. There will be a third volume of short stories at some point, once more rights revert to me from small press publications.

Something Nicer is available on Kindle only here.

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