Friday 4 March 2016

Theatrical Interlude

I'm now halfway through a run as Brindsley Miller in Black Comedy at the OSO in Barnes. A community theatre project aiming to raise money for local charities, this brilliant production has given me the opportunity to act opposite my wife (playing Carol Melkett), and I've been learning a lot about reining in my impulse to chase the laughs.

Not pictured: chaotic hijinks and hilarious consequences
As these things always tend to come along in threes, like buses, I also did a rehearsed reading of a friend's brilliant play at the Arcola's Playwrought festival of new writing last week. Oh, and Grimm & Grimmer came out, featuring my short story The Frag Prince.

After the final show on Saturday 5 March, I think I'll be taking a break from the stage, unless I'm lucky enough to be asked to do Tortoise again. I've now got a good half dozen writing projects which have been on hold since New Year, and I need to get back in the author's chair!

Tickets are now very limited, but if you're in London and fancy some classic comedy, will sort you right out.