Friday 23 January 2015

The Next Book...

I have hopes that I'll be putting a few books out this year. And I've got one lined up before the end of January, so I'm getting off to a pretty good start.

Something Nicer is the follow-up to Something Nice, the short story collection that I first released in 2012. It contains a mixture of short stories and flash fiction. The adventures include what happened when ET didn't go home, the unbreakable bond between a small boy and the nightmarish creature under his bed, and the news that these days even the dead aren't safe from zombies...

I'm excited about the new book, which will be along just as soon as design and formatting are complete. A lot has happened to me in the three years since Something Nice was published, and while I wouldn't dream of claiming to have grown up or anything, I think my writing has developed.

I look forward to previewing the cover as soon as it's finalised, but in the meantime, you can sign up to my mailing list to get updates on my writing and new releases. You can sign up at - your email address will never be passed on to any third party and I will only ever send a maximum of two messages per month (probably fewer most months, knowing me).

I hope you'll join the party, and I hope you enjoy Something Nicer.

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