Friday 10 August 2018

Voyage... Of The Space Bastard

Gun, actor's own.
Joth Krantor, heir to the Krantor-Huang Corporation that once controlled interstellar travel, has a plan to restore his fortune. An evil plan. Join his ship, the Space Bastard, as he enlists a forgotten race of super-soldiers, dodges the lethal birds of Borthokk, and ends the mystery of the Rosetteish Stone.

You wait 30-something years for a writer's first novel, and then he brings out the second in a few months. Yes, it's a second comedy space opera adventure. It's not a direct sequel to Zip! Zap! Boing! - not by any stretch of the imagination, but it is set in the same universe, and the Starship Troupers Initiative will be crossing paths with Joth Krantor further down the line.

Voyage of the Space Bastard is currently available for pre-order, exclusively for Kindle. It's an epic mad quest, that takes readers from frozen asteroids to stone forests. I've developed characters and concepts from an old story of mine, The Frag Prince, and that short retold fairy tale is also now available as a free download on most e-reader platforms.

In this book, which was originally published as a novella in Pew Pew Volume 4, I wanted to create a sort of evil Star Trek. Joth Krantor is interested in exploration and discovery, as long as it helps him further his goals. And, wow, he has some ambitious goals. Even having finished the book, I can't decide whether I like Joth Krantor or not.

There are mysterious space phenomena, sinister spacecraft, and strange new worlds to explore.

I hope you enjoy it.

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