Thursday 18 June 2015

Announcing... Something Nicer

Something Nicer

What happens when ET doesn't phone home, but stays for 30 years? When the evil clown under a child's bed carries on lurking in the shadows through sixth form? When a cat decides catching mice is over-rated, and fixes her ambitions on becoming an art critic? Or when the Internet becomes sentient, and googles the best way to overthrow humanity? 

With a cast of ghost zombies, senile witches and cloned Santas, this second volume of short stories from Andrew K Lawston develops the author's unique way of looking at the world, and ensures you'll never look at a stepladder in the same way.

Yes, I have a second collection of short stories out. Truth be told, it's been out since late February, but I didn't realise I'd left this blog post languishing in draft status. Slick, that's me.

Something Nicer was my most successful launch yet, and has been popular with readers across the world. There's a real variation in the length of stories, from drabbles to a 9,000 word-ish short story. It's a contrast with Something Nice, whose stories were mostly a uniform 2,500 - 3,000 length (because they were written for submission to the magazine market).

The book is available on Kindle only for the moment, but my hope is that I'll soon be able to bring out a paperback combining both Something Nicer and Something Nice, possibly in conjunction with a third volume which I'm afraid may now have to be called Something Nicest.

Something Nicer is available from Amazon for just £1.99 / $2.99.

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