Wednesday 12 August 2015

Coming Soon...

"Andrew, where can I buy more of your fantastic writing?" This is what my cat keeps asking me, in a voice that sounds suspiciously like my own falsetto, as I bounce her up and down on her hind legs like an excitable fan.

If you are of the same opinion as my cat (and I'm frankly starting to question her sincerity so do let me know if you are), you'll be aroused to learn that there are in fact three tomes that contain my written contributions, coming soon to a bookshop near you. If there are any bookshops left near you, that is.

Please note I don't have solid release dates for any of the below, so I'm posting these according to the order I think they're likely to be released. Check back in five years and see if I was right!

Flash Fear (KnightWatch Press)
Prey For The Dead is my contribution to this anthology of horror-themed flash fiction. Originally submitted as part of a website relaunch, this chapbook-style release looks like a lot of fun.
(This book doesn't even exist yet and it's already got my favourite cover yet of anything I've ever been published in)

Grimm & Grimmer: 4 (Fringeworks Press)
The Frag Prince is my contribution to this fourth volume of re-imagined and updated fairy tales. It's a rare example of actual science-fiction from me. This book has been a heroically long time coming, so I'm very excited that it looks like it's about to land.
(This lovely cover does actually remind me of a joke more horrible than anything that's likely to be in the book, but still...)

A Time Lord For Change (Chinbeard Books)
This charity collection is going to be brilliant, I'm so thrilled to be part of it. Raising money for mental health causes, A Time Lord For Change contains one drabble (short story of exactly 100 words, fact fans) inspired by Every. Single. Televised. Doctor Who. Story. And quite a bunch of spin-off stories across various media. I think I'm allowed to say that I've done the drabbles for Caves of Androzani and Survival.

The other writers contributing to this book is just a list of phenomenal awesomeness. There are some true stars from Doctor Who fandom, the stable of Doctor Who's professional authors, and some world-class writers who just happen to love the show.
(Yes, I did put the picture in correctly, the above tease is all that's been released publicly of the cover)

It's all pretty cool, though it won't keep my voraciously literate cat satiated for long. I'd better keep typing. Look out for some zombies and other stuff in the not too distant future.

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